Cut, Copy & Paste Feature with iPhone 3.0 OS

Posted by Prem Godara | 3/18/2009 11:44:00 PM | , , | 1 comments »

Apple has announced an update to the iPhone operating system. The update will be available this summer as a free upgrade for the iPhone 3G, and for $9.95 for the iPod touch. This update is come out with the most awaited enhancement in iPhone, the Cut-Copy & Paste feature.

Apple said that they’ve been working really hard on the UI for cut, copy & paste functions in the new iPhone 3.0 OS and now this is how it works:

1. Double tap on text, and it automatically selects it — then puts grab points at the end of the selection, with a cut/copy/paste bubble above it.

2. To select a whole block, you double tap, slide with your finger or thumb (you get a new magnifying glass), and pull across what you want to grab.

3. Select Cut or Copy. And Paste it anywhere; Mail, Browser, Notes, SMS, or even within 3rd party apps.

4.You can even Shake the iPhone to UNDO.


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