GrandCentral Upgraded to Google Voice

Posted by Prem Godara | 3/16/2009 12:01:00 AM | , , , | 0 comments »

Google has just released a preview of Google Voice, an application that helps better to manage the voice communications based on the original strategy GrandCentral as a free service of VoIP. Google Voice will be available initially to existing users of GrandCentral, a service that they acquired in July of 2007. Many number of improvements has been added to GrandCentral and the service is being relaunched as Google Voice.

The transformation from GrandCentral to Google Voice for the existing GrandCentral users, will be done in the next couple days. The instructions will be sent to the  GrandCentral inbox on how to start using Google Voice. Google will be launching the same for the others very soon.

The new application improves the way to use the phone. The features that are added to Google voice over the GrandCentral are
  •   Voicemail Transcription
  •   SMS Support
  •   Conference Calling
  •   GOOG-411 Integration
  •   Low Cost International Calling
Also, the contacts can be integrated from GrandCentral to Google address book. Voicemail Transcriptions will allow the user to listen to the voicemail messages and, to choose to have the new voicemails automatically transcribed. These transcriptions will be saved in the inbox and can be retrieved using search for voicemails. Similarly many other new features are been added to Google Voice which makes it to differ from GrandCentral.


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