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Have you ever left out in a situation where you needs to send an emergency email which is getting delayed because you are driving your vehicle and cannot type the mail when you need? Then this talking email might really help you! Yes, scientists have developed the world's first hands-free and eyes-free e-mail for in-vehicle use only which can talk to you while you drive. You can just shoot an e-mail by giving verbal instruction to a device fitted in your car as you drive.

It's actually a portable smartphone-compatible device, known as iLane that alerts its user when a new email is received and reads out the message and draft a reply on voice command. The new gadget, developed by Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, can be mounted on a dashboard, sun visor or air vent, at an initial installation cost of 400 pounds plus a monthly subscription.

It connects wirelessly to BlackBerry smartphones, and users wear a Bluetooth headset to issue voice commands and read, delete or reply to e-mails. It is powered through the car's cigarette lighter.
In fact, users can choose to send from two stock email responses -- "I am in transit and will respond shortly" or say "Call me if it's important" -- or they can record a 15-minute voice memo which the iLane will send as an email attachment to the correspondent.

In addition to handling e-mail messages, the iLane also allows people to make phone calls simply by calling out the name of someone in their address book, and can also read out the latest news and sport headlines, weather forecasts and traffic reports, according to the scientists.

However, the device is only compatible with BlackBerry phones at the moment and is currently available only in the US and Canada but its manufacturers hope to introduce it to other parts of the world soon.


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